We Provide Local Solutions to a National Problem

United Tower Alliance is compromised of 20 industry leading performance partners who provide UAV tower inspections.

United Tower Alliance is a collaborative effort of the communication infrastructure industry’s experts that are collectively regarded as the “best of the best”. Together, this group of elite firms is meeting the needs of tower clients regardless of their specific requirements.

With combined years of wireless infrastructure experience totaling much more than 1,000 years, we ensure that each small detail is handled without the delays and nuances commonly overlooked by companies without such vast experience and proficiency.

Each United Tower Alliance founding performance partner has decades of telecommunications experience. It is because of this experience that the idea to form a group that serves the entire United States. You can expect the same unparalleled customer service, industry knowledge, and business capability customers have come to know and appreciate at the local level.

Each “local area” of the United States is cared for by a seasoned telecom infrastructure business with vast knowledge of each market need, quirk and characteristic for that geography. This group of Wireless leaders have joined forces to become the “All Star Team” of infrastructure inspection. Together the UTA looks forward to serving you in any area of the USA.

Staff Contact is Managing Member: Ean Mercer, (see contact page).

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