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What is a NOC?

The NOC is our 24/7/365 response Network Operations Center. Because we understand the speed of wireless and your need for reliability, we are available any time of the day or night, year round. When disaster strikes we’re there before anyone.

What does UTA stand for?

UTA is the group of firms that have assembled under a single umbrella. It is also the acronym for our company name:

United Tower Alliance.

What can I expect from a tower inspection?

Actionable data, high resolution pictures, a detailed written summary by the telecom expert pilot. Exclusive software and a work package to review.

Are the drone pilots trained?

Yes, our UAV Operators are all trained above and beyond the FAA’s Part 107 requirements. Most people stop at Part 107, that’s where we begin. Our pilots all receive specialized training that exceeds government standards, and is tailored specifically for tower inspection flights. Only UTA Performance Partner Firms direct employees may enroll in the UTA Flight Academy.

Why are UAVs the safe and effective choice?

UAVs are faster, safer and more cost effective at some things. A UAV inspection properly executed by a trained pilot can accomplish in hours what a traditional inspection might discover with 2 climbers in a day. It’s the safe, efficient and cost effective choice as a place to start your facility investigation. You also get great documentation and can return to the site visually in seconds.

How quickly can UTA respond to a significant event?

Because we’re already in your market, and only work with elite performance partners, in an emergency we can be onsite quicker than anyone else anywhere nationwide.

What certifications do your workers have?

All pilots have FAA Part 107 licensing plus significantly enhanced training from the UTA Flight Academy. In addition, all our Performance Partners are members of the NATE/STAR® Initiative*. That makes their voluntary tower training the most advanced in the industry.

*Registered Trademark of the National Association of Tower Erectors

Are you local or national?

We’re both. We have a National Toll Free NOC or network operations center, which is our flight coordinator and serves as the dispatcher. From there we connect to local Performance Partners who employ UTA trained operators across the country.

How will you access my tower?

Access is not an issue because our Performance Partners already run wireless infrastructure firms that work on your sites. We also have all equipment required to reach difficult access towers. Our all terrain vehicles include trucks, UTV quads, snow cats, snow mobiles, and contract aircraft to reach any site.

What do your pilots know about telecommunications towers?

A lot! Our professional operators already have careers in the telecommunications industry. They climb towers. They know what they’re seeing. If they’re not flying, they’re working on wireless. This separates us from any competitors who use pilots who fly for fun, but don’t have specialized skill or practical knowledge.

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