Tower Inspections

Make Sure the Right People Are Inspecting Your Towers

Putting your livelihood and your reputation at risk by working with inexperienced crews or rookie substandard pilots is clearly a gamble you can’t afford.

You Already Know Us

We are your elite area market contractor. Our operators are employee technicians and work as employees of NATE/Star Initiative Participants.

This means that our UTA pilots know how to safely access your tower, and they know what they’re looking for when they get there. All of our UAV pilots work full time in the wireless infrastructure industry.

Other companies use hobby pilots or people who work in multiple industries and don’t have any specialized knowledge about towers. The result is huge piles of unusable data or poor manual mapping with a higher than 40% error rate.

Don’t risk your reputation by working with hobby drone pilots. Find out what’s on your tower, why it’s under performing, and protect your reputation and asset profitability today.

Can’t Fly To It? We Can Get There

It doesn’t matter where your tower is located, we’re going to get to it, and get to it safely. We have trucks, snow cats, quads, quads on tracks, and keys to the sites. Permission for access from landlords is not a problem – we already know them and have a working relationship.

Our UTA pilots undergo the most rigorous pilot training that is designed specifically for wireless infrastructure. Our pilots only do one thing with their UAVs – tower inspections.

They know when something doesn’t look right because all of our UTA pilots are telecommunications professionals with professional grade equipment. No critical or minor issue will be overlooked.

Local Resources

Experienced, Stable Firms, Supporting Each Other


Emergency Experts

When things go bad we’re there. Fast. We have local response times anywhere in the nation. Natural disasters, especially hurricanes, wreak havoc on towers.  NOC is our 24/7/365 response network operations center.

We know your tower needs immediate attention.

Call us anytime of the day or night, year round, and we will get local telecommunication experts to your tower faster than anyone.

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